About Us


Welcome to the Ragged Edge…


I’m Sian, and together with my partner, Tom, run Ragged Edge, our small business that was born from our shared love of sailing. In fact, sailing is how we met back in 2017.

Tom initially started Ragged Edge in 2021, to offer the UAE’s sailing yacht community a reliable, comprehensive and affordable rigging service, and over the course of a year he attracted the attention of several global marine brands with the agreement to represent them in the UAE. So at the beginning of 2023, I joined the business to expand the portfolio even further and together we launched the retail side of Ragged Edge.

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, with over a decade of experience in yacht rigging, sail boat management, international deliveries, and around-the-cans, coastal and offshore racing. Safe to say – he knows boats!

My background is in a totally different field; I had a long career in hospitality interior design, then became an entrepreneur when I launched an award-winning sustainable fashion business, which I ran for almost a decade before exiting.

We have a small team working with us; Muaz and Parn both work on the rigging projects, and Mudassar works on the retail brands.


We’d love for you to follow our journey, which you can do so in-person (by visiting our chandlery at Mina Rashid) or on our social channels.


‘Ragged Edge’ meaning:


The extreme edge, like that of a precipice; verge.


‘On the Ragged Edge’ meaning:


‘in a dangerous or precarious position; on the brink of:’

‘dangerously close to loss of control.’