THE best winch handles...

THE best winch handles...


Most days are like Christmas for me (Sian), as I receive all our supplier shipments. 

Deliveries arrive and I get to open and unpack them, and excite over the cool products inside! I really should share some more of these 'un-boxings', because it is FUN.

Yesterday was no different. We had 3 big deliveries arrive, filled with new stock, client product orders, and LOTS of rigging parts to handle all of our summer projects.

However, I got MOST excited when our packages from Selden arrived, because inside was one of the brilliant new products that we found at METS in November 2023. It wasn't available to buy back then (although I tried VERY hard to convince the Selden team to let me slip the sample piece into my backpack there and then, but strangely they weren't keen!), but I made sure to make an order as soon as they were ready to ship.

Introducing the new Selden Race Grip Winch Handle:

It's part of their new ART Winch range as well, which EVERY sail boat should have, but more on those further down.

Honestly, these Race Grip Winch Handles are SEXY! The patented design features long release levers down both sides which are pushed as you grab the handle for super-fast operation - it's all part of the same natural, ergonomic action. 

See it in motion below, and stay tuned on our socials to watch it in action!

Seldén Race GRIP winch handle from Seldén Mast on Vimeo.

They are slightly heavier than their main quick release competitors (which we also stock and sell, so don't worry if you are brand loyal), but come in both 10-inch and 8-inch sizes.

You can already buy these directly from us HERE

Now, let's take a look at the new 2-speed Winches themselves.

The range extends across all the normal sizes (30-66), and on the winches over size 40 these can be either manual or with an easy upgrade to electric options, here are the key facts:

  • asymmetric rib design, which they call the Asymmetric Rib Technology (ART), which makes the grip on the rope strong when pulling in, and smooth when letting out (so no skipping / jumping on the rope under tension)
  • the 'SEL-Bus' drive motor pack allows quick, easy, space-sensitive upgrade of a manual winch to an electric winch (from sizes 40-66)
  • possibility to easily pull the line when loaded through the self-tailer even with the winch handle in place (this is going to be a game-changer for shorthanded sailing and blue water cruisers, not to mention performance racing!)

Take a look for yourselves:

ART - Asymmetric Rib Technology from Seldén Mast on Vimeo.

Keen to upgrade or replace your winches to the new Selden ART winches? Drop us a line today to get them ordered!

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